Stroke Warning Signs You Should Know Before It’s Too Late

According to the World Health Organization and National Stroke Association, stroke is one of the top 10 diseases, which causes death. In 2/3 of the surveyed countries, stroke is one of the top three causes of death. If it is detected and treated early, the stroke patients will be saved and prevented from serious sequela.

Stroke (also called cerebrovascular accident, bleeding in the brain) is a condition of neurological dysfunction, such as coma, hemiplegic rigidity, swallowing choking … These expressions occur rapidly, suddenly and often last more than 24 hours. Based on the progression of the disease in the first 2-3 weeks, stroke experts divided into five categories. Firstly, the local cerebral transient ischemic attacks happen and the patients will get over completely before 24 hours. However, the patients of stroke may fall in cerebral vascular accident if they are not really interested in the treatment and prevention. Secondly, anemia of the brain can be recovered but after 24 hours being paralyzed, the victim could get over completely. Thirdly, the patients of stroke may run a prolonged sequela. As a consequence, the forth category must be no sign of the recovery or keeping worse. The death leading will be the end for this chain. Open Next Page To See More